Michael P. Enns

819-580-2558 - mike@menns.net - Sherbrooke, QC


I recognize that it is common practice to pad one's resume and that Human Resource departments are aware of this practice. Unfortunately for those responsible to decipher resumes, it can be exceedingly difficult to recognize the exaggerated points. I on the other hand am not willing to over represent myself in this way, so I realize that I may be putting myself at a disadvantage compared to other applicants.

Of course you have to take my word for it, but this CV represents who I am and what I have done as accurately as I am able to present the information. Please feel free to inquire about these points with my references.


Operations Coordinator - 2012-Present

  • Plan and oversee maintenance, construction and renovation projects
  • Supervise day to day office management
  • Oversee food services team
  • Manage Information and technology team
  • Oversee student work assignment program
  • Perform quarterly employee reviews

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Camp Director - 2005-Present

  • Oversee all aspects of winter and summer residential camps
  • Supervise assistant directors and counsellors
  • Manage camper registrations
  • Teach counsellor training courses
  • Perform weekly staff performance evaluations

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Information and Technology Team Leader - 2003-2012

  • Plan, install and administer servers, networks and workstations
  • Train end users to exploit MS Office suite of applications both for PC and Mac
  • Manipulate web technologies such as HTML, CSS, PHP and Wordpress

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Assistant Camp Director - 2001-2005

  • Prepare promotional materials
  • Organize and animate camp activities
  • Supervise camp staff and counsellors
  • Plan and prepare camping site usage


  • Parole de Vie Béthel, Sherbrooke, QC - Certificate - French as Second Language, 2000
  • New Tribes Institute, Camdenton, MO, USA - Bachelor of Intercultural Ministry, 1998

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